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Published on April 24th, 2013 | by Car List Global


Proton Malaysia and Honda to work together on the New Perdana

Similar to what Proton did with the Inspira, now the new Proton Perdana will look more like the Honda Accord.

All will definitely look exactly similar to the Accord but the engine that probably be used is the new Petronas engine that Proton Malaysia purchased. The engine is pretty powerful though, it’s a solid 2.0L engine. But we are currently not sure on what engine will Proton use on the Accord look alike Perdana as Proton purchased a variety of engines from Petronas.

Possible engines that could fit in the new model:

  • 2.0L engine
  • 2.0L turbocharged
  • 2.2L turbocharged

However, in terms of price we are not sure whether it will be much more expensive or cheaper than the previous Perdana models. According to certain resources, the new Perdana will cost much more and almost similar to the Accord with just RM20,000 difference due to the fact that better quality materials and better engines are being used. All we can do is wait for the good or bad news.

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